Vegetarian / Vegan


Sweet potato vichyssoise with roasted pumpkin seeds VG/GF

Warm roasted cauliflower with lemon, garlic and tahini sauce, paprika and toasted sesame seeds VG/GF

Crispy socca with spinach and sun-dried tomato pesto VG/GF

Pistachio falafel & green tahini dipping sauce VG

Roasted pumpkin and garlic soup with cashew cream VG/GF

Beet & horseradish hummus with seed crackers VG/GF

Grilled haloumi salad with herbs and caper dressing GF

Warm roasted vegetable salad with avocado mint sauce and grilled pistachios VG/GF

Caesar quinoa salad with asparagus and roasted chickpeas VG/GF

Rice paper spring rolls with crunchy vegetables and peanut sauce VG/GF

Gazpacho with crunchy vegetables and avocado VG/GF

Grilled red pepper and avocado salad with mozzarella marinated in garlic, fresh herbs and lemon zest dressing GF

Selection of vegetarian pâtés with crudités and crackers VG/GF

Main Dish

Maroccan vegetable tagine with chermoula sauce, black olives, preserved lemon, coriander and saffron topped with caramelized onions VG/GF

Vegetarian sausage rolls with ratatouille and rosemary & garlic roasted potatoes V

Spicy sautéed potatoes with crips Brussel sprouts flakes, poached eggs and vegan «cheesy » yum sauce GF

Leek mushroom and goat cheese tart with roquette, avocado, pomegranate and walnut salad V

Curried green lentil stew with butternut squash, fresh spinach, coconut milk with roasted cumin & lemon juice VG/GF

Crispy crushed potatoes with veggie burger, béarnaise and home-made ketchup,  stir fried green beans and broccoli V

Stuffed portobello mushrooms with roasted red pepper coulis & herbed quinoa VG/GF

Gnocchi with pesto, grilled mushrooms, sage and lemon olive oil V

Roasted aubergine stuffed with spiced quinoa, spinach and sultanas VG/GF

Thai vegetable & seitan curry with jasmine rice VG

Ratatouille crumble with goat cheese, hemp pesto and roasted pine nuts VG/GF

Roasted vegetables and spinach strudel with sauce Marinara V

Pappardelle with roasted asparagus, wild mushrooms, lemon truffle oil and  parmesan shavings V

Grilled polenta with rich tomato sauce and braised aubergine VG/GF


Apple pie with dates, almond and cinnamon crust VG/GF

Hot chocolate soup with banana and Tahini cookies VG/GF

Sweet cherry and chestnut upside down cake V

Apple & pear crumble with fresh ginger and hazelnut crust VG/GF

Grated coconut and sweetened lime tart with passion fruit topping V

Dark chocolate fondant with fruit coulis V

Smoky cashew «cheese» with sun dried tomatoes and crackers VG/GF

Coconut & vanilla pana cotta with fruit coulis VG/GF

Chocolate and cherry raw cheesecake VG/GF

Spicy poached nectarine in red wine with cashew cream VG/GF

Summer fruits with chocolate fondue VG/GF

Pear tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream V

Grilled watermelon with lemon & honey yogurt and mint GF

Pancake filled with raspberry sorbet and coulis VG


(all vegan & gluten-free)


Spicy ginger, avocado and carrot soup served with «Cheesy» crisp kale chips

Zucchini spaghetti salad with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette & rawmesan

Tomato crackers with spiruline guacamole

Cauliflower sushi rice & vegetable nori with dipping sauce

Raw pad thai with satay sauce dressing

Main Dish

Raw vegetable lasagna with marinara & pesto sauce

Buckwheat crust pizza with tomato sauce, «roasted» onions, spinach and mushrooms

NutDonalds mushroom and walnut veggie burger with pickled vegetables

Courgette linguine with tomato and avocado salsa and creamy macadamia sauce


Banana crêpe with strawberries and vanilla cashew cream

Apple tart with hazelnut crust

Mango cheesecake with fresh mango coulis

Fresh fruit kebabs with chocolate balls

Cashew nut cream with mango compote


Buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruits VG/GF

Banana and walnut cake with red fruit compote GF

Home made raw cereal with almond milk and fresh fruits VG/GF

Corn bread muffin with cranberry sauce V

Orange and chia seed breakfast pudding with granola VG/GF

Apple and cinnamon muffins GF

Avocado almond and date smoothie with gingerbread GF

Fruit platter with home made creamy almond butter VG/GF

All menus items and ingredients are organic and subject to change due to availability

These menu are samples and can be adjusted to taste

All dishes can be prepared vegan & gluten-free

V = Vegetarian

VG = Vegan

GF = Gluten-Free